New at CLSE

An Alumni of CLSE has won a prestigious award

Dr Yuksel Temiz receives the Young Investigator Award 2019 for his work on Microelectronic Engineering and Micro and Nano Engineering.

New article by Kevin Keim and his team published in journal Electrophoresis:

“On‐chip technology for single‐cell arraying, electrorotation‐based analysis and selective release”

Special announcements:

Fini les grincements de dents!

Aesyra, spin off de l’EPFL, a développé un produit dentaire novateur permettant de contrôler et de réduire activement le bruxisme. L’entreprise annonce la clôture du premier cycle de financement.

Aesyra is:™

The company relies on research and translational effort funded in the past years by EPFL, local agencies, initiatives, foundations. I think this is a success story worth mentioning on EPFL channels..